A friend of mine has educated herself very well on the chemicals used in our products.  I love our discussions together and she has made me painfully aware of the dangerous toxins that are in many of the products we use daily.  This would include our cleaning supplies.  There are so many things that can trigger asthma, cause breathing problems, and make our children and pets sick.  I decided to look into safer cleaning products and became overwhelmed.  There is so much out there!

It is also very aggravating that so many companies charge an arm and a leg to be healthy.  When I started looking into it all, I became discouraged. Until, I found these two apps!  If you research enough, you can find products comparable to the ones you find in the store.  No need to pay 25 dollars for all purpose cleaner.  That is insane! So enough with the fluff, below are the two apps I love.  I have also given you a list of my personal favorites and I assure you, they will not break the bank!

Think Dirty

Think Dirty is an app that will scan cleaning products and personal hygiene items.  It will rate those products and give you suggestions on ones that are safer. It will also give you a list of exactly what is in the product you are using.   You can choose to buy directly from their site if you would like.  I like this app because you can search for things in your home or you can directly scan at the store.  This makes it nice if you are unsure about a product you are getting ready to purchase.  This app has helped me in so many ways and it makes it extremely easy to switch to a safer product! 

Healthy Living powered by Skin Deep and Food Scores

This app is just like Think Dirty, but it focuses on environmental concerns as well.  It will do the product scanning and it has a rating system.  I like using them both and comparing their ratings.  This one will also give you a complete list of what is in your products. 

Are you interested in a food app? Try Food Scores! I am still working on the food side of it all. It is very handy too!

My favorite products

Aunt Fannie's Healthy Housekeeping Bundle

Puracy all-purpose cleaner

Biokleen Laundry Detergent 

Aunt Fannies Floor Cleaner

Method (most products marked safe, check before purchasing)

Mrs. Meyer (most safe, check app first)

J.R. Watkins (one of my favorites!)

Magic Erasers (original)

Seventh Generation (most safe, check app first) 

Are you interested in more information? Go to https://www.ewg.org/ .  They have a ton of articles and extra scores for you to look at! They are loaded with valuable information. 

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