Life keeps us fairly busy these days.  Most of us have days jam packed with obligations such as work.  We can still have quick moments with God.  

I always start and end my day in prayer and Bible study.  I do not always have time to do a in-depth study.  Instead I do something quick.  

There is a great app called the YouVersion Bible that has a ton of Bible studies geared toward each day.  These small, short, devotionals are motivational and useful.  What is the best part of the app?  It is free!  There are suggestions and also a search bar if there is something specific you would like to study.  The app also is shareable with friends.  It is great for joining together in small groups and studying.  

I often use the app with my morning cup of coffee or on a lunch break.  If I do not have time for in-depth studies at night, I will do one of these real quick.  These will give you a quick refresher and keep you in the word of God.  

You can combine this app with the Olive Tree Bible app.  This way you can read the scriptures on your own along with your study (most studies all ready provide that for you)

I really like the fact we have studies at our fingertips these days.  When we are on the go, we can take a few moments in prayer and study straight from our phones.  

I also like doing these devotionals when I am waiting in the car for someone, at a doctor’s office, and so on.  

These quick moments with God will give you a refreshing “pick me up” when you need it.  

The more we are in the word of God and in prayer, the closer to God we will be.  In our times of stress, we can turn to things like these and it will help turn our day around.  

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I am a Christian writer with a BA in Psychology and a certification in Family Studies. My goal is to help others find balance in their lives. I use Biblical and psychological perspectives and believe if we have a willingness and desire to change, we can for the better.

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