The best therapy you will find is a relationship with God. 

I obtained a BA in Psychology.  I took courses related to philosophy, neuroscience, social psychology, behaviorism, and so much more.  There was much to be learned when taking all these science and psychology courses.  I furthered my studies in order to obtain a certification in Family Studies.  I learned all about development from conception to death.  I studied the body, the brain, and all about how we learn and grow.  I enjoyed every moment of these classes.  Through all of them, I realized how amazing God truly is.  You see, science can spend all the time it wants trying to disprove God.  It will never be able to.  Just look at the studies, the volume of money, and the time they have spent trying to find answers.  Every time they discover something new, a roadblock stands in their way and they are never able to disprove God  As they uncover things, we realize God is who He said He was in the Bible.  Do you know that about every scientific question has an answer for it in the Bible?  However, because we are human, we do not want to believe in simplicity.  That is our biggest problem. 

For instance, lets take a look at evolution.  If evolution truly existed, then why aren’t we still evolving today?  Why are animals going extinct?  Wouldn’t we just be able to evolve ourselves?  Wouldn’t animals be able to recreate?  It makes no sense yet we have been taught this year after year in both the school grade and college levels.  Perhaps they do not want us believing in a God.  

When you look into neuroscience, you can see how amazing and intricate our brains are.  There is so much going on in that brain of ours that it is fascinating!  How could anyone possibly believe that just suddenly came about?  How could anyone believe that it just all came together perfectly to make us who we are?  Isn’t it just easier to know that spark we have was given to us from a creator?  

Whether you believe in God or science, you are making a choice.  You are relying on faith in something.  What we do not see is all the discoveries that have proven the Bible to be true.  The archaeological evidence, the writings, and more.  There is a lot that proves a Jesus did walk on the face of this earth and it doesn’t just come from the Bible.  There are others who wrote about Jesus’s works who never knew him.  Proving the existence of God is called apologetics.  The news media, history books, and other resources tend to leave these amazing discoveries out.  If you want to know more about the discoveries, I encourage you to get books from Josh and Sean McDowell.  Josh McDowell was on a journey to disprove God and decided that God was real.  Below is a link to his YouTube story. It is both amazing and encouraging.  Josh has been through a lot in his life.   I encourage you to take a listen.  I also have a link to one of my favorite books of his.  These books are valuable resources that will show you all about God’s existence.  

If God existed, why do bad things happen to good people?

Most of us have suffered pain in one way, shape, or form.  Some of us have had it really rough.  We suffer loss of loved ones, children stricken with diseases and illnesses, and financial instability (just to name a few).  We see the world around us gets more evil.  People have become cold.  Why are there bad people, why do we suffer?  

There are some things in life we will never have full explanation of.  However, we can look at things that were written in the Bible and find some answers.  First, God gave us and His angels the gift of free will.  We can make our own choices and one of those is choosing to believe in him or not. Satan believed in God.  However, both he and a large group of his men chose to be like God.  The consequences for them were being kicked out of heaven.  Believe it or not, they were given free roam of this earth for the time being.  A hell has not been established yet.  Therefore, we have two unseen forces battling for our lives.  We have the free will to choose which path we take.  

Second, just think if God had made it all perfect and easy for us.  Would we look to Him? Would we even search for Him?  Most of the time, when terrible things happen, we turn to God.  God desires for us to see Him for who He truly is.  

Knowing God

Getting to know God requires to things: Faith and Belief.  Often times, people look for some grand emotion when you talk about faith and belief.  However, these are choices you make.  You must choose you are going to believe in God.  Believing in God requires you to also believe in Jesus.  God sent His only son to come to this Earth in human flesh.  Jesus performed miracles by casting out demons, healing the sick, and feeding thousands with limited food (among many other things).  Jesus came here to tell us the good news about God.  However, many felt he was a liar even though He did nothing wrong.  He was perfect here on Earth showing everyone love.  Unfortunately, being the humans we are, many revolted against Jesus and had him suffer a terrible death of crucifixion on the cross.  Since He was God’s son, He raised up three days later, spoke to a few people, and ascended to Heaven.  Jesus gave us a great promise before He left this Earth.  That promise was eternal life for those who believed in Him.  We have a choice and that choice is Heaven or Hell.  Good or bad, black or white.  

God knows we are human.  He knows we are tempted to sin.  He takes us for who we are at this very moment.  If you do not die beforehand, there will come a day when Jesus will return for His people.  When the world gets too bad, He will come back.  Many people laugh and mock at this thought.  They ask where God is and why He has not returned.  Jesus has not returned for His people because He loves us.  He desires for all of us to have the gift of eternal life.  We will leave these fleshly bodies and will spend eternity with Him.  

God comes in three forms:  God the father, God the son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit.  In the beginning of time, God was the one who did the speaking.  Later on, Jesus spoke on God’s behalf while He was in the flesh.  Now, we have the Holy Spirit doing the work inside of us.  You know that voice in your head urging you to do what is right?  That is how the Holy Spirit works.  He guides and directs us.  Understanding the trinity can be difficult.  I look at it this way:  I am Holly, I have arms, legs, and a beating heart among many other things.  Those pieces of me have a primary function.  However, those pieces make up all of me.  That is how the trinity works.  

The only requirement to enter God’s kingdom is believing in Him and knowing He sent His son to die on the cross for our sins.  We do not need a pastor to do this.  There is no need for a priest’s intervention.  We do not need to pray to Mary or use beads.  It is a confession you make to God on your own in prayer.  It is easy to pray to God.  Let Him know you believe Him today.  John 3:16 is the best verse to lead you into salvation.  It tells us that God loves this entire world, He sent His only son, and WHOEVER believes in Him should not perish, but will have everlasting life.  Humans want to put a status on people, God does not.  You do not have to be perfect to come to God.  Matter of fact, you can be the worst person on Earth and still make the decision to follow God and believe in Him.  Keep in mind, Jesus chose fishermen, tax collectors, and the common man to follow Him and be His disciples while on Earth.  He did not choose the celebrities, Kings, politicians, or wealthy.  That meant nothing to Him.  

This is a free gift we should not pass up.  It does expire and it comes with no cost to us.  We only need to believe.  

I would love to know if I helped you make a decision to follow God.  If you have any questions, please contact me at my personal email:  I am here to help you every step of the way.  


Growing with God

As with any relationship, you will want to grow yours with God.  You can do this through prayer.  You can come to God with anything.  You do not need a mediator like a priest, you do not need a book, and there is no specific way to pray.  As you grow with God, you will begin to change.  You will also want to begin studying your Bible.  I highly recommend the New Life Application study Bible.  This amazing Bible has stories, commentaries, maps, and many more.  It will help you to understand the Bible in full.  Below, I have provided a link for purchase.  I also encourage you to check out all of my posts.  Each of my posts are related to topics about changing, growing, and being informed about God.  I also have a post on Bible Study along with a post on apps that are available for quick studies.  These two posts will direct you as a new believer.  The truth list is a great way to come to God with your problems and concerns.  Bible journaling is a great way to keep reminders of the things you have learned and to track your growth.  

May God bless you all!

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