Gender Equality seems to be the talk of the town these days.  I think anytime we are discussing social or political issues we should think in terms of logic and reason and not on who is on the right or left.  

I think a major problem with disputes today result in us choosing a side (left or right).  We stick by that side through thick and thin and our morals, values, logic, and reason go out the window.  

We do not need politicians or media to tell us what we should do or how we should believe.  God is our king, not the people of this world.  This is the side we should be on.  

I think it is important to discuss topics that relate to today’s times.  We all have a opinion that should be valued.  We should look at these things and think of the principles we stand for along with the principals of the Bible.  After that, we can make a decision.  

As you read through the book of Genesis, you will see the creation of Adam and then Eve.  Eve was formed from Adam’s rib and she was created to be his mate.  As you go throughout the Bible, you will see both males and females had different roles to play.  When you look through history books, you read of the hunters and gatherers.  The men would go on the hunt while the woman took care of the family.  All through life we have had different roles.  A man’s primary role is to be a leader and provider.  A woman’s primary role is to nurture and care for the family.  

Jump to today and we suddenly want to switch all of these things around.  Many think women are not equal and others think we should cut gender all together.  

The problem with this way of thinking is twofold: 

First, society has had norms and standards for a very long time.  Any sociology text book will tell you deviation from those norms and standards can cause problems.  We have a history of the woman being the one who nurtures and the man being the provider.  A group of people cannot completely flip what has been inbred in everyone for so many years without causing major conflict.  

Second, God created a man and a woman.  He made each individual very unique.  The reason for this was so that we would multiply the Earth and compliment one another.  God created us this way because it is how He wanted things to be.  Why would we go against our creator?  We should be happy with the gender God created us to be and embrace it.  God does not make mistakes. We cannot pick and choose who we want to be and when we want to be it without calling God a liar. 

The new rise of feminism

Some of the shifts in society have had to happen in order for us to survive.  Most of the time, two parents need to be at work in order to support one another.  It seems both men and women have done a great job at this.  Women are working, being mothers, and continuing to nurture the family.  Men are working, helping care for the kids, and also nurturing the family.  I do not feel we should praise only one without praising the other.  After all, we have been through many changes over a quick period of time.  

Unfortunately, we can not change the dynamic of men and women.  We are built differently and excel at different things.  Men can do things better than women and vice versa. 

The feminist agenda today makes it appear that women can do it all on their own without a man.  Both men and women can raise families alone if needed.  However, it is better to have both parents in the home raising the children.  We need a man to show certain aspects of his character and a woman to show certain aspects of hers. It is unfortunate we have a rise in single parenting.  It is much harder on a mother or a father to do it alone.  Instead of supporting these ideas, we should be supporting and endorsing the union of marriage.  We should be trying our best to offer programs that make marriage work and last.  

The rallies the feminist movement have are vulgar in nature.  I would never feel comfortable running around topless, naked, or with a vagina costume on.  To me, this is humiliating.  I also do not feel comfortable with the way they are portraying women.  I do not want to be known as a angry man hater.  Unfortunately, this is the perception they are giving.  In my opinion, this is no way to be a proud woman. 

The rise in sexual abuse and assault cases concern me.  There have been several accusations of prominent people in the news.  Some of these accusations stem from high school.  People have also accused and then went back and said they did not mean it.  This concerns me for the women who are truly assaulted.  Women can only cry wolf so many times and then we all are labeled. As a woman, I would address assault immediately.  

I also feel at times you learn lessons and you get what you ask for.  When you dress promiscuously and you are flirtatious, you cannot be mad at a man when he jumps on what he thinks is an offer.  The Bible talks often of Jezebel.  She was a seductress and was just as much to blame in God’s eyes.  Men are visual creatures.  I feel it is okay to dress attractively, but when you let it all hang out, you are asking for trouble. 

I cannot and will not stand for abortion.  We often make serious mistakes when we choose to have sex outside of marriage.  A baby is one of them.  We must own up to our mistake and raise the child or choose to adopt.   Abortion is a whole post of its own.  I believe it is murder in the eyes of God, therefore I cannot support it. 

I am proud to be a woman

I am very proud to be who God created me to be.  I love cooking and taking care of my family.  I enjoy the smiles on their face when I make a good dinner.  I like being in charge of the home and keeping it clean.  

I enjoy putting make-up on and looking nice when we are going somewhere.  I like dressing up for my husband and getting compliments.  

I love we have the ability to go to work and make new friends.  I enjoy helping my husband with income when I make it from my writing.  It is nice just to have some money I made on my own.  I also like being a stay at home mom, taking care of things, and ensuring everyone in it is happy.  I like to organize.  

I like hanging out with women who value God and their families.  I enjoy having discussions about children, husbands, and life in general.  

I want respect.  Therefore, I dress nicely, yet appropriately.  I do not give men an opportunity to make advances at me.  I am proud of my marriage vows and have no desire to come on to another man.  

These are the things I love about being a woman.  I would not change who God created me to be for anything.  I thank Him daily for it.  

Final Thoughts

We are in a bad situation in America right now.  We are arguing about things and are using no logic or reason whatsoever.  As I said before, this is not about the left or the right side.  It is about reality and morals.  

If you are not setting a good example for children, youth, and other individuals, then you should think twice about what you are standing for.  

Facts are facts, women and men are different.  It can not be changed and it is how we were created.  Men have different attributes than women.  We should embrace our differences and know we were created this way to be for each other, not against each other.  This is not a battle of the sexes.  

We have taken morality, logic, and reason out of society.  We think we can create our own rules and do things our way.  We have shunned God, mocked Him, and even said He does not exist.  We have pulled Him out of our schools and decision making.  You wonder why God is no where around?  We basically told Him to leave.  Look at what is happening today, has this done any good at all? 

We will continue down a path of chaos and disruption as long as we think we can change what has been here all along.  As long as we think we can force people into our belief systems, we will continue to fight.  The wonderful thing God gave all of us was the gift of free will.  It is unfortunate we have used it for our own selfish political gain and desires.  

I cannot and will not support the feminist movement of today.  It is not in line with my Biblical beliefs or my pride as a woman.  It does not set a good example for my children and it does not uplift the union of marriage or families. 

As a Christian, I believe we all should take a stand for what is right and speak out about it.  God tells us to love, but He also wants us to love Him enough to stand up and support Him in all we do.  It was announced several times in Revelation when He spoke to the seven churches.  Many times, He talked about how He was proud of them standing firm no matter the circumstances.  We need to take note of this and begin letting others know the truth.  

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I am a Christian writer with a BA in Psychology and a certification in Family Studies. My goal is to help others find balance in their lives. I use Biblical and psychological perspectives and believe if we have a willingness and desire to change, we can for the better.

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