I love reading Bible related books, listening to various pastors, and reading news centered around God.  There are a ton of Bible study books out there that are wonderful.  However, nothing beats my alone time with God and just my Bible.  There is a way to get the most out of your Bible study.  

When you open the Bible and read the words on your own, they will begin to speak to you.  You will relate to characters, verses will speak to your situation, and you will begin to enjoy your discoveries.  

Many people have trouble reading the Bible.  Thanks to the internet and apps, you have a wide variety of ways to get into in-depth studies on your own.  

Bible study will not only speak to you, it will change you.  It will also provide you with discernment.  Unfortunately, we are in an age where many are deceptive.  In order to know the difference between fact and fiction, you must know the Bible yourself.  There is power in those words, you do not want to be led astray with man made rules and thoughts. 

Get to know God completely today by beginning your own studies of the Bible.  Learn about your relationship with Christ on my page: Knowing God.  God is the best therapist you will ever receive and He is free!

Life Application Study Bible

I have tried many Bibles and this one by far has been the most helpful and useful.  It has a great commentary at the bottom of every page explaining the verses in greater detail.  Every verse also has correlations of verses off to the side that will help you continue your study in other parts of the Bible.  It will provide you with maps, lines of history, and much more.  

The affiliate link above will give you a variety of these Bibles to choose from.  

Olive Tree Bible App

This is free app that is available on any device.  It will give you your choice of the KJV or NIV versions of the Bible and it even gives you an area where you can compare the two.  It also has a book store where you can purchase commentaries and other Bible study items.  

You have a variety of highlighters and folder tools for saving your study.  You can also take notes. 

This app also has Bible studies you can enter into such as reading the Bible in Chronological order, in a year, and so on.  

My favorite part of this app is the search feature.  If I am searching for a particular topic or verse, I type in a few words and it gives me scripture related to that search.  

How I do my study

I like doing in depth research during my study.  I like to have the full picture.  Sometimes I will focus on one book and other times I will focus on a keyword.  I do the keyword search when I am struggling with something.  For instance, if I am lonely, I will search verses related to that. 

 I use both the app and my Bible during studies.  I always keep a notepad and pen handy to jot down things I want to remember or other verses related to my study.  

I use the app to search for specific keywords or phrases.  I will sometimes even use Google.  With the app, I will get scriptures that are related to my search.  From there, I look up those scriptures with the Bible.  I also do the same thing when I am doing a Google search.  

After I find scriptures, I begin studying those in my Bible.  I will read the commentary related to the scriptures as well.  I will also look to the side of my Bible for scriptures that refer to this in other parts of the Bible.  

By doing this, I am able to get a understanding of a specific topic throughout the entire Bible.  

When I read a book of the Bible, I strictly use my Bible and study the commentary and related verses.  I use the app to compare the verses with other versions of the Bible.  Other versions are often worded differently, yet have the same basic meaning.  By doing this, I am able to get a full understanding of the words.  

After my study, I will begin looking for sermons and other articles related to my study.  YouTube and Google will lead you to different sites that mesh with your study.  I always wait until after I am done so I know the meaning of it all on my own first. I will sometimes go further and buy books related to the topic.  

Depending on what I am studying, my studies can take hours or weeks.  I keep all of my notes in a folder where I can study again if I need to.  These types of studies give me a very clear understanding of what I am reading.  They are very useful and helpful when you are wanting to really know the words of your Bible. 

Final thoughts

Everyone learns differently.  I am a researcher and love to go into deep studies.  You can just focus on a couple verses at a time.  It is really up to you.  Both the Bible and the app will be of great use during any study you choose to do. 

Having both also helps when listening to sermons or during book studies or lessons.  When verses are mentioned, you can look those up right away on your app. 

If you are not a reader, there are audio versions of the Bible.  

I hope my ideas will help lead you into better studies of your Bible.  It is important for all of us to spend time with God in reading and prayer.  

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I am a Christian writer with a BA in Psychology and a certification in Family Studies. My goal is to help others find balance in their lives. I use Biblical and psychological perspectives and believe if we have a willingness and desire to change, we can for the better.

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